New Brushfire Hero Pop figure

I am so stoked that my Brushfire Hero pop is FINALLY here! I ordered this back in February, not only is it cute, but ALL the proceeds went to a good cause. And of course, I got a Steve Irwin pip figure to go with it!

The brushfires that engulfed the continent of Australia last year started in September, and spread rapidly, burning an estimated 46 million acres, killing 34 people, including 417 others from complications due to smoke inhalation, and around 1 billion animals, pushing some to the brink of extinction.

Finally, rain came in February, giving the Earth the water she desperately needed, and giving the firefighters, that came to help from across the world , a chance to get the fires contained. The fires were finally put out for good in March.

This Funko Pop figure is exclusive to Popcultcha, an Australian webpage devoted to anything pop culture and dorky. In the first two weeks that this item was available for pre-order, they raised over $700,000! Everything raised went directly to the RSPCA for their National Brushfire Appeal.

Links posted below about the brushfire relief fund, and the website I got the pop figure from.

Here’s a quick link to an article with more info on the pop figure

Go to if you want some awesome exclusive pop figures, only found there!

Go to to stay up to date on the recovery efforts for Australia’s wildlife.

You know that this is how these animals were greeted

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