Quarantine day 394… 95???

Well here we are again. 4:39 am. I haven’t been able to sleep early, no matter how hard I try, even if I crawl into bed around 10 pm. Ugh, I hear the garbage truck, and the birds have been sining since 3:30 :/ But sitting here has me asking, when will this end. I don’t think anytime soon.

Say it with me: QUARANTINE SUCKS! Yet, it is necessary. The curve of COVID-19 isn’t flattening. While the positive tests rates in Michigan continue to drop, 40% to 7% in one month, We are still growing in cases. Our count is now 47,522 cases and 4,551 deaths. Now, I know that staying inside until this is gone won’t be a thing, and would honestly be idiotic. But it is too early for everyone to return to work. My hometown is full of people who think this is fake, made up by the government to control us, so they can put microchips in our arms. I just don’t understand it.

undefined This is how many fellow Americans seem to be acting. Michiganders are stomping their feet, having violent protests in our capital buildings. The protesters can say what they want, they were not at all peaceful, just because there were no fights, and no one shot does not mean they’re peaceful. When you march into a legislative building with assault rifles, you are not peaceful. When you are screaming in the faces of the Michigan State Police, you are not peaceful.

We need to look to history. During the Flu Epidemic of 1918, Two cities were hit the hardest in the country. St. Louis, Missouri declared a quarantine much earlier than Philadelphia, Pennsylvania did. St. Louis ended up with a death rate of 358 people per 100,000. Philadelphia suffered 758 per 100,000. Giving St. Louis a death rate of 1/8 that of Philadelphia. I believe that speaks for itself. Look at New York. They were slow to action during this Pandemic, they now lead the country in cases of COVID-19, with a whopping 334,640 cases! They have more than the most populous state in the country, California, (22% more citizens than New York) with 67,939 cases.

We need to step back, and think. Think for more than just ourselves. I hate being locked up. But being epileptic, and at risk of major, possibly fatal, consequences if I contract the virus, I stay inside for my health, and the wellness of others. This is bigger than us.

In my town, not too long after we got our first case of COVID-19, we had three residents in a nursing home test positive for the virus, and I believe 2 nurses too. This was a week or so after they cut off families being able to visit their family members in the nursing homes. It spread quickly across my state, it started with 2 positive cases in the most wealthy, and most populated counties in Michigan, and had the first COVID-19 death just 7 days later. 12 days after the first 2 cases confirmed, we reached 1,000. That is very rapid, it just went up from there. We still have people who won’t take this seriously. People who “vote out” wearing masks at their worksite, now that they are welcome as “essential workers” again. We will quickly see a rise again, and just have to shut back down. Just like St. Louis in 1918. They opened back up prematurely, and suffered the consequences of that action.

If we are get to the point, where we continue with the reopening phases, people need to proceed with caution and take this seriously. For the good of the country, yourselves and the commonwealth.

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