Opinion: Riots

There is a BIG difference between protesting and rioting. Protesting is when you hold signs, and stand in solidarity with each other to fight for a cause, to be heard. Rioting is when you’re destroying buildings and neighborhoods, and looting, possibly even killing people. I have seen videos of people breaking into stores, beating a man until he is all bloody and not moving. What good does that do for the cause, and demand for justice? NONE, that does no good whatsoever. What is the point of that. We understand your anger and frustration, breaking into a store and beating the owner half to death only does harm, it does no good, it gives no justice. Where will the justice be for that man you just beat? Will there be protests for his justice?

We also need to stop with the hate of all cops. Look, you cannot deny that there are cops that abuse their power. There are people who become cops solely based on rage and racism. BUT not all cops are like the ones who have killed unarmed people of color. Seeing a post that tells people to urinate or vomit in the back of a LA cop car, so they have to sanitize them, and they will be out of commission for 48 hours is nothing but asinine. There are cops there to try to keep this under control, and help people who are getting hurt. In Virginia, rioters blocked firetrucks from getting to a house that was on fire. https://www.policeone.com/george-floyd-protest/articles/va-police-chief-rioters-blocked-firefighters-from-burning-home-with-child-inside-OBxLwtKVzfgrFQmp/

How does stopping people who are trying to help others make you look like you’re demanding justice? I doesn’t.

I saw a video of a woman, Desiree Barnes, who was an aide During Obama’s terms in office, telling the rioters what is up. She went off on them, telling them about the neighborhoods they just destroyed, telling them these are immigrants businesses they just destroyed. And how they just made it harder for people on a day to day business. Video is posted below, along with a commentary from The Matthews Fam on YouTube.

Killer Mike also gave a very, VERY powerful speech in Atlanta. About what is going on with the Riots. Speaking out against the riots. That video is posted below as well.

Both Desiree Barnes, and Killer Mike gave the most powerful speeches on what is going on.

My whole opinion is this: There is a difference in rioting and protesting. These are not protesters, these are rioters, who don’t seem to really care about the cause, just anarchy. If you truly want to make a difference, vote. Get out and help your community, don’t destroy it, vote people out of office that you think are hateful and distrustful. Don’t destroy your towns because of an action. Even one as terrible as the murder of George Floyd, destroying towns does nothing for the care, all this does, is make people annoyed at your cause. From now on, many people, mainly the opposing side of BLM, will look at the Black Lives Matter movement, and scoff, because of the behavior of these protesters turned rioters.

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