Opinion: A Star Is Born

Oh my god, this movie. This fucking movie.

This movie is honestly one of the best movies ever made. HANDS DOWN. I just watched it for like the billionth time, even though I cry so hard every single time. Just everything, the story, the chemistry, the build up to the tragedy. It is perfection. Plus with all that, you get to see so much of Gaga’s talent.


So right from the beginning I saw Ally as Lady Gaga. I had heard of the stories of how she had a Facebook group against her in college, and how hard of a time she had trying to make it big. And I also remembered how wild she seemed when she first came out, and now she has kind of toned it back a bit. Which is exactly what happens with Ally. Then there is the brilliant chemistry between Ally and Jack, played by Bradley Cooper. Right from the moment they meet, you can see it in Jack’s eyes that he knows this girl is something special and amazing. You don’t seem chemistry like that in movies. It is very rare to see a connection like that with two characters. Which is what makes the ending so, so heartbreaking. It is why I cry every time I watch it, and why I can’t even listen to the Shallow or I’ll never love again without bursting into tears.

They achieved exactly what they wanted to with this film. They wanted you to feel it. Feel what Ally feels with her struggle with her husband and everything going on with her rise to stardom. When I was watching Ally and Jack, so many times I saw me and my boyfriend. I think that is also a big reason why I can’t listen to those songs without crying. I think of him, and the love we have for each other when I hear those words.

I get chills every time. Her voice is powerful.

The heartbreak at the end, with Jacks death, really hit hard. Not just because of the heartbreak and loss for Ally, how she had always been there for him, and put him first, even over her career. But as someone who struggles with depression, the way Bradley Cooper portrayed his last few scenes, like I said, it hit hard. Again, it is in Jacks eyes, how hurt he is. He already was embarrassed and still struggling with the pain he put Ally through, then for her manager to come in and say such terrible things to him, (which honestly, who says something like that to a man who just got out of rehab???) you can see it in Jack’s eyes that he knows that what Ally’s manager said is true. He almost ruined her career. The pain just consumed him, and he felt that this was the only way to save her, and end everyones grief of what he had done.

The last scene is so, so very powerful. Heartbreaking, beautiful, magnificent, and tragic, all rolled into one. I love that they stayed on Ally the whole time. Showing her pain, and her power in how her art was aiding her in her grief. You can literally feel her explode, just like a star being born, (hence the title). It is a beautiful movie.

If you haven’t seen it, and read through, even though I said there were spoilers, I highly recommend watching it. It is beautiful.

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