Another Pop Figure I am stoked to have!


When I saw this I had to have it. It was 100% an impulse buy, being the dork that I am, and Iron Man being my favorite Avenger, this was a no brainier to purchase.

Seriously, he is my fave. I was very upset when my favorite pair of sleep pants that had Iron Man on them, finally got too old and tore 😥 it was an awful night that night.

The entire time I was watching Endgame I was doing my best to hold back my excitement of how fucking awesome that movie is! All of it! The best part is obviously the final fight scene. I may not know as much as other fans, who live, eat, and breathe Marvel comics, know the height and weight of the characters, all that jazz. But I know basic things. And I nearly jumped out of my seat when Cap wielded Mjölnir. It was such a dorky moment, you had a minute like, why is the hammer moving on its own? But then, undefined! I get goosebumps, and giddy still. Not gonna lie, I get so excited I tear up too. IDK why but I do. And then “Avengers! Assemble.” So much YES!

Lest we forget Cap nudged Mjölnir in Age of Ultron.
“I knew it.”- Thor

This movie was just perfection. I loved every single minute of it. and of course you have the ending. I cry every time. Iron Man was my favorite Avenger. The line was apparently improv. Apparently he was just supposed to smirk or something, and snap his fingers. That line made the movie so much greater, and made the full circle of Iron Man.

There’s more videos you can find on YouTube that have the audience reactions. How I wish I was in a theater that had a crowd like that!
Just a little theater reaction 😉

Hope you enjoyed the film as much as I did, and I hope you geeked out about my awesome pop figure like I did too! I am so happy this is part of my collection. I am going to need a bigger bookcase 😳

I really need to make it to SDCC sometime, hopefully RDJ will be there and I can get this signed! 😉

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