Curly Hair Repair Woes

Well, I finally got my MacBook back. I have been trying to fix my hair for months now, I figured that during the quarantine and getting unemployment that I could finally afford to spend some money to fix my hair.

Before the DevaCut

Right before the trip to California, I spent big bucks, about 400 of them 😛 on my hair. I am partially regretting it, only because the color washed out so quickly, but half of it was on a hair cut for curly hair called the Devacut. I was iffy on it, because of the fact that DevaCurl is what damaged my hair, and this cut was “designed” by the company. But it came out pretty well, it chopped off a lot of death and damage. A devacut is when they cut your hair while it is dry. Supposedly, it is better for curls, but I really didn’t see much of a difference. Actually before I started my entire curly hair journey, my hair looked a lot better than it does now. But this cut helped my hair bounce back, for a little while.

After the Deva Cut

I got the oil slick hair color done on my hair, I think it looked pretty neat, but I didn’t realize that they were using fashion color, so I spent about $200 on something to wash out almost immediately, and I don’t wash my hair everyday.

These pictures I have, really don’t do it justice. This just shows the color the best.

Now I am back to being upset with my hair. I keep seeing posts on curl influencers I follow on Instagram, about never giving up, some of them, it took 3-4 years to get their hair nice and healthy, and their curls looking great. I will tell you why I am so upset though. It is because I decided to use DevaCurl. Because looking t my hair right ow, after getting out of the shower, it looks terrible. My hair pre-DevaCurl, would shrink back up almost immediately. Now my curls need a lot of help to shrink back up and get my curls to take shape. Diffusing doesn’t really do anything, my hair looks the same as if I let it air dry. When I used to get out of the shower, I could let my hair air dry and I had great volume and bounce. Now my hair looks like this . My hair is super thin, and see through all day, my curls when I air dry have zero shape, and if they do have form, they fall out by the end of the day.

I am trying so hard to stay positive with this. It is so very hard. I am finally not getting hairballs that are the size of my palm when I brush my hair. So there is a positive note. But I miss the way my hair was. I miss not being able to see my scalp, or not having a part unless I separated my hair on purpose. Even when my hair was straight, I would still have super thick hair, and you couldn’t see through it. I will keep posting updates when possible. I will be getting another chop soon. The big chop this time. But I will be trying the Renzo cut this time.

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