Curly Hair Journal

So as many of you know, my hair was damaged using the curl brand DevaCurl. A year has gone by since I started noticing the damage, and things are looking hopeful. I plan to make videos at some point and put them on YouTube and Instagram, so stay tuned for those lol.

The products I have been using so far, that I have FINALLY seen change in my hair pattern with are the Puradòr hair thinning therapy shampoo and conditioner, CurlSmith Hydro-Jelly (I have always loved this product), The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa sealing cream (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PRODUCT, it makes my hair so soft and it smells so yummy!), and the Ancient Egyptian hair mask, (LOVE this one too, and it smells like candy!) In all honesty I have actually been loving the mane choice products the best. I just started using the CurlSmith detox line so I can’t testify to that now.

I, like many who have suffered damage from DevaCurl and many other hair care lines, know this will be a long journey to fix our hair. All I wanted to do was make my curls look even better. I wanted them all to look the same, Enhance the 3b curls and figure out how to get my roots to curl more instead of being somewhat straight. DevaCurl did help me do that for a time. I didn’t think anything of the increased shedding until I started noticing a difference in the thickness of my hair. Then I started noticing how easy it was to see my scalp, after that I really started noticing the differences of my hair compared to two years before, the change of my curl pattern, the dryness kept getting worse and worse, the itchy scalp, and I developed red, itch spots all over my skin, which has since stopping DevaCurl use, has dissipated. I’m lucky to say that I didn’t end up with the major hair loss like other users of that line. I have seen some pictures of people with giant bald spots in the middle of their scalp.

There’s still many things to try out, but things are looking bright.

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